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emoticon – Open Call 2022 – english

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the project

The 2022 edition of /e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion is entitled earth guardians and is dedicated to the role of human beings as guardians of the planet. The call is addressed to illustrators under 35 of any nationality, citizenship and origin, to reflect on the proposed theme through images and in particular through the art of illustration, with particular reference to the world of emotions and childhood.

/e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion – earth guardians is realised within the project CAPPERI Common Agricultural Policy Peer Education Resources in Italy, co-financed by the European Union programme IMCAP (Information Measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy Programme) and realised by ALDA Associazione Europea per la democrazia locale (coordinator) together with La Piccionaia, IRS – Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale, Replay Network, ISBEM – Istituto Scientifico Biomedico Euro Mediterraneo and CESIE – Centro Studi e Iniziative Europeo.

Thanks to CAPPERI, /e.mò.ti.con/ becomes five times bigger. In fact, the exhibition, which will take place next spring-summer, will be held in five Italian cities, home to the project partners: Vicenza, Milan, Rome, Mesagne and Palermo.

open call

The open call /e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion – earth guardians is addressed to young illustrators from all over the world, to explore with the tools of their art the beauty of the human being in the expression of his emotions.

Among the works received, the committee will select the finalist illustrations (minimum 10) that will be exhibited in the /e.mò.ti.con/ 2022 exhibition that will be held in Vicenza, Milan, Rome, Mesagne and Palermo.

Among the finalist illustrations, a variable number of winning illustrations will be selected, which will be the protagonists of the communication campaigns of La Piccionaia’s theatre programs dedicated to the younger generations, children and families.


/e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion aims to investigate the theme of the beauty of the human being in the expression of his/her emotions. The theme of this edition is earth guardians. An invitation to reflect, through illustration, on man’s role as guardian of the planet, understood as a living being.

In particular, participants are asked to develop one or more of the following areas

a) the beauty of the human being as guardian of the environment, biodiversity and the landscape
b) the beauty of the human being in action to combat climate change
c) the beauty of the human being in his/her relationship with the earth as a source of food, life and health
d) the beauty of the human being capable of imagining the future of the Earth
e) the beauty of the human being capable of cultivating the emotions of our planet

who can apply

The competition is open to illustrators (professionals, non-professionals, students) of any nationality, aged up to 35 years.

duration and modalities

This call for applications is published on December 17th, 2021 and expires at 11 p.m. on March 31st April 20th 2022.

Each illustrator must submit at least 2 different, original and preferably unpublished illustrations.
In the case of illustrations that have already been published, the participant must specify in which context the publication took place.

In order to apply, please fill in the online application form here.

the committee

The competition committee will be composed of experts in the fields of illustration, graphics, communication, theatre, education and research. The committee will select, at its sole discretion, first the finalist illustrations and then the winners.

The projects will be evaluated according to the criteria of quality, creativity and relevance to the theme of the artistic proposal.

selection and award ceremony

Among all the illustrations received, the commitee will select a variable number of finalist projects. The finalist illustrators will be notified by e-mail and their works will be presented to the public in the /e.mò.ti.con/2022 exhibition to be held simultaneously in 5 Italian cities: Vicenza, Milan, Rome, Mesagne and Palermo. The winning illustrators will receive a special communication and will be announced to the public during the opening of the exhibition in Vicenza.


The winning illustrators will each receive a prize of € 250 as a contribution towards the production of their works. Their names will be publicly announced during the opening of the exhibition in Vicenza. Their illustrations will be featured in the promotional and communication materials, both printed and online, of La Piccionaia’s theatre programs dedicated to the younger generations, children and families.

The winning and finalist illustrations will be exhibited in the /e.mò.ti.con/ 2022 exhibition which whill take place in Vicenza, Milano, Roma, Mesagne e Palermo. Furthermore, they will be included in the /e.mò.ti.con/ 2022 catalogue, which will be printed in hard copy.

rights over the works

The reproduction of the works is foreseen for the realisation of the exhibition, the production of the catalogue, the creation of any merchandising materials and the diffusion on the web. The winning illustrations will be used for the creation of promotional and communication materials for theatre shows dedicated to the new generations and families. The partners of CAPPERI (ALDA, La Piccionaia, IRS, Replay Network, ISBEM e CESIE) commit to always cite the legitimate author. No further monetary contribution will be paid to the winning authors for the reproduction of the works and their publication.