Oliver Twist

scuole secondarie di secondo grado

Tnt Company

Ven 3 Marzo 2023, 10:00

adapted from Charles Dickens’ novel
by Paul Stebbings & Phil Smith
original score by Thomas Johnson
directed by Paul Stebbings & Phil Smith
producer Grantly Marshall

teatro in lingua inglese

temi letteratura, romanzo sociale
teatro d’attore
90 min
fascia d’età
+ 14 anni

Oliver Twist has been described as the first modern novel. It is one of the few novels whose characters have entered into modern myth. The enormous energy of these characters and the full bloodied portrait of the first modern urban nightmare, London, make the story not only exciting and dramatic, but also truly contemporary. In addition to powerful drama, comedy and fast moving action, TNT Theatre’s production of Oliver Twist has been highly praised for its a’cappella score by the composer Thomas Johnson. The action is developed through integrated song, using complex and exciting five part harmony. According to Paul Stebbings, artistic director of TNT Theatre, the whole play has the unique style that blends comedy with tragedy and social analysis with sheer fun. It has been one of TNT’s most successful productions.